Pest plants and animals

Pest animals and plants pose significant threats to the natural environment and public safety in the Alinytjara Wilurara (AW) region. The AW Landscape team works closely with communities to find ways of reducing the impact of pest species in order to improve land condition and public safety.
In South Australia there are a number of weeds that are declared plants SA  because they pose risks to primary industries, the environment and/or public safety. The list of declared plants is currently under review. 

Priority weeds in the region

Athel pine

Common name: Athel pine
Scientific name: Tamarix aphylla
Status: Declared: must be controlled, banned from sale
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Buffel grass

Common name: Buffel grass
Scientific name: Cenchrus ciliaris
Status: Notify Natural Resources AW if found
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Pest animals in the region


Common name: Camel
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Common name: Cat
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Common name: Donkey
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Common name: Horse
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