Weather stations

What are the weather stations?

Weather stations in the Alinytjara Wilurara (AW) Landscaperegion are used to give local communities information about weather patterns so help them better understand weather patterns throughout the year.

The stations are solar powered and include a number of sensors that record:

  • radiation from sunlight
  • air and ground temperature
  • rainfall
  • humidity
  • amounts of airborne dust.

Information collected by the stations is automatically sent to our monitoring database.

Currently, there are five weather stations in operation in the AW region:

  • Oak Valley
  • Rodinia Airstrip
  • Murputja
  • Sandy Bore
  • Watarru
  • Ernabella.

Community involvement

Alinytjara Wilurara staff have worked with Community Development Employment Project workers to install some of the weather stations and have also included students from the Oak Valley School in the building process.

Students created posters showing how the rain cycle works and were given the chance to learn how the weather stations work and why recording weather information is important. The weather data can also be compared to Bush Tucker seasons, enabling students to learn how to recognise changes in the seasons and availability of food.