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Marine parks

To help protect both our native species and the beautiful marine environment they call home, South Australia has created a system of marine parks as an investment in the state’s future.

Protecting nursery areas and other critical habitats can only result in stronger, healthier fish populations in the long term, and what is good for fish is also good for the marine food chain and for both recreational and commercial fishing.

The sanctuary zones within marine parks are important for conservation, and do not allow mining, dredging, aquaculture or trawling. Fishing was also phased out in October 2014. This will give marine animals places to retreat for breeding, caring for young and growing to adulthood. It also provides opportunities for nature-based tourism, education and research.

Marine park sanctuary zones have been carefully designed to avoid popular recreational fishing areas; and access to jetties, boat ramps and popular beaches won't be affected. The sanctuary zones only take up six per cent of South Australian waters, leaving plenty of places to wet a line.

The Far West Coast Marine Park in the Alinytjara Wilurara Landscape region is a popular whale watching destination and is a critically important breeding and calving area for the southern right whale.

Fishing is popular in the area – abalone, rock lobster, scale fish and shark are able to be caught outside the sanctuary zones. Diving is allowed throughout the park, with reef fish, corals and invertebrates providing stunning viewing for divers.

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