Fox bait distribution - eastern district

26 February 2024 until 05 March 2024

Eastern Eyre Peninsula landholders are encouraged to collect fox baits from their closest distribution area and talk to their local landscape officer about fox control strategies. Annual distribution days will be taking place at the following locations and times.

February 26:

  • 10am at Kelly Hall - TBC
  • 12pm at Waddikee Oval

February 27:

  • 10am at Wharminda Hall
  • 12pm at Arno Bay at Calliss Farm (Bayview)

February 28:

  • 10am at Mangalo Hall
  • 12pm at Coolanie/Glynn at Jack Curtis’ farm house

February 29:

  • 10am at Darke Peak silos
  • 1pm at Buckleboo Oval

March 5:

  • 2pm at Rudall Sports Club (following SARDI farmer meeting)

The 1080 meat baits are prepared by landscape board staff with eligible landholders able to purchase them for fox control for $1.50 per bait as per the statewide Landscape SA Pest Control Pricing Policy. At distribution days, a 20% discount applies.

Land managers are reminded to bring along a bucket with a sealable lid when collecting baits or they are available to purchase for $12. The baits are frozen semi dried meat which is best kept frozen until use. Land managers will also be required to provide the section numbers for the properties they intend to bait.

If a landholder is intending to send a third party to collect their baits, please contact us in advance so that the correct paperwork can be completed and we are able to facilitate the distribution.