Farming Acid Soils Champions Workshop 2

25 June 2021

Acid soils, half-day workshops

June 25 at Cummins and June 28 at Cleve

Following two Farming Acid Soils Champions workshops in February, there is an advanced half-day follow-up workshop for those who attended the previous workshops; and also for those who would like to explore soil acidity and pH in more depth.

Brett Masters from PIRSA will focus on pH mapping applications, how to use them, and where they might be appropriate both on the soil side but also the economics side. There will also be a discussion looking at soil acidity interaction with no-till farming, particularly in regard to stratification of acidity and nutrients. Finally, addressing subsurface acidity - the iceberg in the room - how to identify, measure and manage it.  

The same half-day workshop will be held at the following locations and dates: 

Morning tea will be provided at each workshop.

For more information, contact Sustainable Agriculture Project Officer Josh Telfer on 0460 000 290 or email susag@airep.com.au.

Farming Acid Soils Champions Workshop, June 2021


June 25 at the Cummins Golf Club

June 28 at the Cleve Field Day Office

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