Stormwater management

Why manage stormwater?

Stormwater is excess water that overflows into drains and gutters. It continues downslope out into the environment, the waterways and the sea, often taking with it pollutants, rubbish, sediment and high levels of nutrients. Stormwater can be very damaging in our cities and towns where most of the stormwater flows over hard roofs, concrete surfaces and roads. That’s why the main objectives of managing stormwater are focused around:
  • minimising the risk of flood damage to property and the natural environment
  • minimising the impacts of stormwater pollution to the sea and waterways
  • collecting stormwater for non-drinkable use (e.g. to water sports fields), known as stormwater harvesting, to make better use of all water we have available.

How is stormwater managed?

The Eyre Peninsula Landscape Board, Local Government and State Government agencies work together to develop, implement and fund better stormwater management solutions. Usually this starts with a Stormwater Management Plan (SMP) that sets what the stormwater objectives in a particular urban area are and how they will be managed.