Developing the Hills and Fleurieu Landscape Plan

We have begun working with the community to develop a new five year regional landscape plan. This is a significant process in defining our priorities for the region.

Planning process

Under the Landscape South Australia Act 2019, a landscape board must prepare and maintain a regional landscape plan to set the priorities for managing landscapes within its region.

While this is being developed, the board has adopted the following regional NRM plans as its landscape plan to the extent that they apply in the Hills and Fleurieu region: 

Hills and Fleurieu Business Plan 2020-21

The Business Plan 2020-21 is a one-year plan that outlines how the landscape board will invest the money it raises through levies and other funding sources to achieve outcomes identified in the landscape plan.

Water affecting activities policies

The board has also adopted the Water Affecting Activities Policies that sit in the NRM Business Plans as transitional policies:


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