Developing our Five Year Plan

Yakka-Deep-Creek Under the Landscape South Australia Act 2019, the landscape boards must prepare and maintain a regional landscape plan to set the priorities for managing landscapes within their region.

The draft plan (now open for review via YourSAy) has been in development since September 2020.

The ideas and emphasis of the draft plan have been shaped by the results of our first phase of consultation from November 2020 – January 2021. This phase consisted of four community forums, stakeholder meetings, written submissions and an online survey. Many of the community and stakeholder discussions were based around early planning ideas presented in a discussion paper. A more detailed description of this process and summary of the feedback received is given in our preliminary consultation report.

Once consultation on the draft plan closes, feedback will be incorporated and the plan will be submitted for Ministerial approval by July 2021.

Additional supporting documents including a final consultation report, Monitoring and Evaluation (MERI) report and technical paper specifying the underlying rationale for the plan will also be made available here.

 board meeting lobethal lakeside 2020

What happens until the plan is finalised?

While the Five-Year Landscape Plan is being developed, the board has adopted the following regional NRM plans as its landscape plan to the extent that they apply in the Hills and Fleurieu region:  

Hills and Fleurieu Business Plan 2020-21

The Business Plan 2020-21 is a one-year plan that outlines how the landscape board will invest the money it raises through levies and other funding sources to achieve outcomes identified in the landscape plan.

Water affecting activities policies

The board has also adopted the Water Affecting Activities Policies that sit in the NRM Business Plans as transitional policies: