Climate change

The impacts of climate change are arguably some of the biggest challenges facing humans and the entire natural world. Governments are taking steps to mitigate these impacts but we will also need to adapt to living with a changing climate. As a result climate change is a topic of great interest to the community. Be inspired by what other schools have done and access resources to help your school take action.

Our Climate Change Guide is a great place to start. It contains information on key climate change concepts, impacts and projections for our region, effective strategies for discussing climate change, and links to other useful information.

Climate Ready Schools

This year Natural Resources Management Education is running the second Climate Ready Schools program in partnership with Resilient South (City of Onkaparinga). For the first time this year the program is expanding to the north, being run by NRM Education in the City of Salisbury. This exciting initiative will challenge schools to carry out investigations into climate change adaptation possibilities in their school or local neighbourhood.

With the support of Natural Resources Management Education the schools use a problem-based learning approach, through student-led co-design in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths (STEAM). Schools will be supported in developing solutions to the climate change adaptation issues they choose to investigate.

The climate change learning is integrated into the school curriculum through the sustainability cross-curriculum priority to provide learning opportunities for students, professional development for teachers, and a clear course of action that schools can take to address climate change issues.


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Information packs


  • My Green Footprint, worksheet and teacher guide for students to calculate their own simplified carbon footprint – Natural Resources Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges
  • Introducing the Greenhouse effect using plastic tarp – Natural Resources SA Murray Darling Basin
  • Carbon map-which countries are responsible for climate change? – The Guardian

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Case studies

Be inspired by how other early learning sites and schools are tackling climate change.

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