Plants and animals

Experiences in the natural environment can ignite a sense of awe and wonder, and a child’s desire to learn more about the world. 

Understanding and appreciating the natural world is important for developing a caring, empathetic and respectful connection to our environment. 

NRM Education offers a range of resources for educators to encourage students' engagement with the natural world. Many of them are based upon the previous Waterwatch program.

The resources

Engaging with Nature resources are divided into three areas. They are designed to encourage students to develop a deep geographical knowledge of their own locality in an Australian and global context.

  1. Freshwater environments explore water bodies and their surrounding environments e.g. creeks, rivers and wetlands. 
  2. Land-based environments understand what is in the backyard, school grounds and local environment. 
  3. Coastal and marine environments focus on our beaches and the mysteries of our coasts.

A comprehensive statewide resource, Life in our bioregions, complements these resources.

Linking to the Australian Curriculum

Engaging with Nature resources strongly align with the Australian Curriculum’s cross-curriculum priority of Sustainability, learning areas such as Maths, Science and English, and subjects such as Geography, and Civics and Citizenship. 

The resources also address the general capabilities, providing many contexts for their development. These resources will be of particular interest to educators who want to engage their students in hands-on outdoor activities while integrating the learning across subjects, learning areas and year levels.

Examples of linking the Australian Curriculum with NRM Education resources:

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