Land management support

Sustainable land management is an economic and environmental priority with agriculture in the region valued at 20% of the state’s total farm productivity.

The Hills and Fleurieu Landscape Board supports rural property owners to manage their land in a more sustainable way. This includes advice and training as well as financial incentives for certain activities.

You can access support by contacting or visiting one of the region’s offices at Mt Barker and Willunga. There are also a number of local community natural resource centres that provide valuable information on managing natural resources.

Support available

Technical support is available for landholders through tailored advice, property visits, training and publications. Areas of support include:

Sustainable agriculture: pasture management and stocking management.

Biodiversity conservation: native vegetation and habitat management, threatened plants and animals.

Pest animal and plant management.

Land management: erosion control, salinity management, and soil monitoring and conservation.

Water managementpractical watercourse management, water quality improvement focusing on surface and groundwater resources


Understanding your legal responsibilities under the Landscape South Australia 2019 Act: water affecting activities – includes permit information for dams or watercourse-altering activities, declared pests and roadside weed management.

Additional support includes a lending service for soil samplers and soil augers; bait layers and tree poppers.


For more information, subscribe to our Small Talk newsletter which is published seasonally and contains practical advice and technical information for landholders. You can also subscribe to the Rural landcare focus monthly e-newsletter sharing news, updates and links about land care to help make finding information and keeping track of what's going on a little easier.

Small Talk

Funding partners


These projects and activities are jointly funded with the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program.

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