Net-zero emissions project

Our challenge is to build the resilience of our ecosystems, communities and businesses to survive and adapt to future climate changes. It is also to reduce carbon emissions so that the climate does not become even more extreme here, and around the world. Meeting these challenges will require ways of living and producing that simultaneously restore natural systems, mitigate emissions and build long-term resilience.

We'll know we've succeeded when:

  • The region is producing net-zero emissions
  • Our ecosystems, communities and industries are resilient in a changing climate.
  • Our communities have prepared for and navigate climate impacts well.
  • Industries are adapting to climate change, have transitioned to low carbon farming methods, and are benefiting from carbon sequestration opportunities.

Baseline data

A 2020-21 baseline assessment of Landscapes Hills and Fleurieu emissions profile showed 53t CO2-e.

Our second audit for 2021-22 saw an increase to 59t CO2-e (11% increase). This increase was due to both improved data accuracy in 2021-22, and 2020-21 emissions were unusually low due to Covid-19 restrictions (no air travel).

Current or recent board projects

Key emission reduction activities to date include:

  • Conversion of our electricity to green power.
  • Waste sorting and more accurate measurement of our waste streams through data capture systems. However, it should be noted that the loss of soft plastics recycling in SA has increased this particular waste stream.