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Landscape boards


There are nine landscape management regions in South Australia, governed by eight landscape boards and a metropolitan board, Green Adelaide.

The landscape boards work alongside, Green Adelaide, which provides an integrated approach to managing Adelaide’s urban environment.

Landscape boards consist of seven members, including a chair. All members have been appointed by the Minister, but from 2022 three members will be elected by the community (except in regions where it is determined special circumstances apply, such as the Alinytjara Wilurara board and the specialist Green Adelaide board).

The boards work alongside community members and stakeholders to develop simple and accessible five-year regional landscape plans with five priorities. The plans aims to ensure that there is a balance between the needs of regional communities and the sustainable management of the environment.

Other key functions include development of water allocation plans for prescribed water resources, where applicable, and operating as the relevant authority for a range of water, land protection and animal and plant control activities.

Your Kangaroo Island Landscape Board


From 1 July 2020, natural resource management on KI entered a new era with Andrew Heinrich leading the new Kangaroo Island Landscape Board as chair.

The Kangaroo Island NRM Board ceased to operate in accordance with theLandscape South Australia Act which replaced and repealed the former Natural Resources Management Act 2004.  

The Kangaroo Island Landscape Board held their first official formal meeting on Wednesday 24 June 2020  and continues to meet on every second month in the Boardroom, 35 Dauncey Street, Kangaroo Island.

Future meetings can be found here.

All meetings are held in accordance with current COVID 19 restrictions. If you would like to attend or make a presentation at any of the upcoming meetings, please contact ki.landscapeboard@sa.gov.au or phone (08) 8553 2476.

For more information visit www.landscape.sa.gov.au 

Our members

A detailed profile of each of our community based board members can be found below.

For more information visit www.landscape.sa.gov.au


Andrew Heinrich, Chair KI Landscape Board


Andrew has been a producer on Kangaroo Island since 1982, running a commercial prime lamb and seedstock operation with White Suffolk, maternal composite and Poll Merino Studs, and commercial wool production alongside his wife Tracie and son Jamie. 

Sustainability is a key part of farming at their Ella Matta property, with the family working with organisations such as Landcare to fence off native vegetation, re-plant native trees and establish shelter-belts as well as improving pasture and soil, minimising erosion and assisting with local Koala management programs.

Andrew was a founding member and past Chair of the Upper Cygnet Landcare Group, he has also been Chair of the AgKI Board, is a past Chair of the KI ovine johnes disease (OJD) committee, and is a past member of the SA OJD committee. He is currently the President of the KI Football League and the Vice Chair of the Australian White Suffolk Association.



Michael Pengilly

Michael is the mayor of Kangaroo Island Council bringing with him a rich pedigree of public service. Michael was born and raised on Kangaroo Island, prior to entering parliament, as the local member, he served several years on the KI Council, including 3 years as Mayor. Michael also held numerous positions in the past including, Chairman of the SA Country Fire Service Board, Chairman of the Hills Mallee and Southern Regional Health Service Board, Chairman of the Ki Hospital Board and Chairman of the pest, plant control board. He and his wife also farm on his property near Emu Bay, Kangaroo Island. Being part of the KI Landscape Board will give me an opportunity to ensure we undertake projects that deliver viable outcomes for the island’s natural resources and its communities.



Dr Peggy Rismiller

As an environmental physiologist who has lived and studied animal/plant interactions on Kangaroo Island for over 30 years, I have an in depth understanding and professional connection with our unique environment. I have served on the KINRM Board and Finance Committee, KI Water Task Force, Feral Cat Steering Committee and Biosecurity Committee. I am affiliated with The University of Adelaide and actively involved with the KI art community, Wildlife Network, Friends of Parks and island schools. I am passionate about feral plant and animal control, biosecurity and advocating the environment as the underlying foundation of the triple bottom line. Being part of the new KI Landscape Board gives me the opportunity to further engage with and serve the Kangaroo Island community.



Peter Davis

Born on Kangaroo Island, Peter is a sheep farmer turned bee farmer based in Kingscote. Creator and owner of the Island Beehive, Peter is both a dedicated apiarist and tourism ambassador for the island. Being one of the first, and now amongst the biggest organic honey producers in Australia, Peter is a leading voice in the honey production industry in Australia and is pro-active in protecting and promoting the Ligurian Bee heritage. Peter is constantly looking for ways to mentor and encourage people in the production of honey and bee products. Being greatly affected by the bushfires, I saw joining the KI Landscape Board as a chance to help the island community have a more sustainable management of the bushland that echoes the ethos of the way aboriginal communities once managed the land.



Ros Willson

Islander Ros and her family run a successful farming enterprise at their property at Willson River on the Dudley Peninsula. Former member of the Kangaroo Island Brand Alliance, AgKI and the state Advisory Board of Agriculture, Ros is passionate about the work being undertaken to eradicate feral cats from the island having taken part in extensive trails to highlight the difficulties they present to farmers on the island being vectors of several parasitic diseases that impact livestock. Being part of the KI landscape Board, I want to make sure that the island’s native vegetation is managed properly, sustainably and as a priority for the island. 




Associate Professor Gay Crowley


Based in American River, Gay is an ecologist and environmental consultant with over 30 years’ experience. Gay’s wide‚Äźranging research interests focus on improving our understanding of environmental systems. Her work in the interface between research and management has included helping pastoralists and Traditional Owners conserve threatened species and improve their fire management, and assisting landscape management and industry groups with their strategic planning. The KI Landscape Board gives me a chance to gain a deeper understanding of natural resources issues that are important to the island’s community. Helping the island recover from the bushfires in a sustainable way is also a real priority for me



Will Durack
General Manager


Board meeting

General board meetings are held in the Board Room, 35 Dauncey Street, Kingscote (access from rear of the building) on the fourth Wednesday of every second month commencing at 9:00 am unless otherwise advised.

Minutes taken from general meetings of the Landscape Board are available online or by request from KI.LandscapeBoard@sa.gov.au

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