Seagrass restoration

What is being done? 

In recognition of the high ecological value placed on seagrass meadows in Australia and worldwide, significant research and management efforts have focused on restoration projects which accelerate natural regeneration of seagrasses. NRKI have been working together with the community, to trial several restoration techniques to improve the recovery rate of seagrass meadows in Nepean Bay. One of the most successful techniques employed so far, has been the annual Community Seagrass Planting Day held each year during mid-January at Brownlow Beach, Kingscote. The aim of this event is to revegetate bare areas of sand that would have originally been covered by seagrass. Since 2013, volunteers have planted over 2700 Southern tapeweed (Posidonia australis) cuttings as part of this event. Results to-date show that on average, 75% of cuttings planted have survived, with individual cuttings almost tripling in size after three years.