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Kangaroo Island Grassroots Grants

The Kangaroo Island Grassroots Grants program supports KI individuals, volunteers, community groups and other not-for-profit organisations, with local landscape management projects. The KI Grassroots Grants program is a requirement of the Landscape South Australia Act 2019 and is funded through the regional Landscape Levy and the Government of South Australia annual allocation for the Kangaroo Island Landscape Board.

The KI Grassroots Grants are currently closed and is expected to open again in March 2022. Funded projects are undertaken over one year.

The KI Grassroots Grants began in 2020 and the following projects received funding:

Project title



Understanding and managing Phytophthora, weeds and revegetation on a unique 100 ha landbaseLandholder in DudleyThis project will test 20 sites for suspected Phytophthora (Pc) and then map its extent and routes to avoid spreading it. A Pc hygiene station will be installed. 10 ha of bridal creeper will be mapped and controlled. Erosion will be managed with rolled bundles, or furrows/drainage. Fauna will be monitored via remote camera and revegetation undertaken.
Fencing remnant vegetation areas burnt in the bushfire Landholder in DuncanThis project will construct 5490 m of fencing to protect native vegetation from sheep eating the newly germinated plants as they recover from the fire.
Creating livestock exclusion fencing for creek and erosion gully regeneration Landholder in SeddonThis project will construct 1150 m of fencing to protect regenerating, burnt native vegetation. Gully erosion will be reduced by excluding stock with 1100 m of fencing and planting 100 native plants within the area.
Emergency response trainingKangaroo Island Wildlife NetworkThis project will support KI Wildlife Network volunteers to undertake Defence Driving and Fire Awareness Training so their emergency response in a disaster can be carried out safely and effectively.
Further Afield with Dolphin Watch: Renewing and extending Citizen Science dolphin research field surveysKangaroo Island / Victor Harbor Dolphin WatchThis project will enable 9 monthly volunteer Citizen Science research surveys for dolphins in North Cape, Dashwood Bay, Emu Bay, Stokes Bay, Nepean Bay, American River and Hog Bay and monthly data analysis workshops.
Shelter belt revegetation and access control Landholder in SeddonThis project will replace and protect shelter belts burnt in the bushfires with 2 km of fencing and planting of native vegetation.
Sharing our shores with coastal birdsBirdlife Kangaroo IslandThis project will install 10 informative, strategically located signs at some of Kangaroo Island's heavily visited beaches to protect vulnerable hooded plovers (Thinornis cucullatus).
Weed control at Wallaby Run Emu BayLandholder in MenziesThis project will support the control of the declared weeds horehound and variegated thistle at Wallaby Run Emu Bay.
Cape St Albans weed managementLandholder in DudleyThis project will support the removal of African boxthorn from Cape St Albans.

The KI Grassroots Grants in 2021 are funding the following projects:

Project title



Fencing native vegetation and revegetation projectLandholder in DuncanThis project will install 330 m of fencing to protect a revegetation corridor between two creeks on the property. It will replace Landcare fencing burnt in 2020 bushfires to protect two blocks of native vegetation (860 m - 4.6 ha and 310 m - 0.52 ha).
Saving shorebirds with beach signsCommunity memberThis project will install two interpretative signs along Nepean Bay beaches from Reeves Point to the Cygnet River estuary to inform and educate beach users about the shorebirds on the beach and activities they can undertake to protect them.
Weed BustersParndana Progress AssociationThis project will map weeds invading the Parndana township and coordinate 15-25 volunteers to physically remove weeds from around the township during three weeding sessions.
Salvation Jane removal farmlandLandholder in MacGillivrayThis project will control an outlier population of Salvation Jane over 24.5 ha.
Revegetation at locations within Cape Gantheaume Conservation Park and Beyeria Conservation ParkFriends of Cape Gantheaume Conservation ParkThis project will plant 565 tubestock in Cape Gantheaume Conservation Park and Beyeria Conservation Park to mitigate visitor impacts to native vegetation and stabilise dunes.
Isthmus revegetation projectLandholder in DudleyThis project will create habitat and enhance ecological connectivity and resilience on the KI isthmus by planting 1200 tubestock and erecting 850 m of fencing to protect the tubestock
Land Care fencingLandholder in SeddonThis project will re-build 2.25 km of burnt fencing to protect regenerating native vegetation from stock.
Management of fire regeneration on high amenity conservation land at Snellings Beach, Kangaroo IslandSnellings Beach Conservation Group Inc.This project will revegetate 5 ha with 1500 native plants. It will map areas of erosion and install 800 m fence to protect 5 ha of revegetation on hill top and reduce the rate of erosion. It will control weeds invading 5 ha of the revegetated area and will install photopoints to record the revegetation.

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