KI Grassroots Grants in 2021-22

The 2021-22 KI Grassroots Grants helped landholders and community groups do a range of projects on Kangaroo Island including:

KI Grassroots Grants in 2021-22
Revegetation at D'Estrees Bay to reduce erosion and improve native habitat by the Friends of Cape Gantheaume Parks. Image Jo Sullivan

Friends of Cape Gantheaume Conservation Park

Recipient: Revegetation at locations within Cape Gantheaume Conservation Park and Beyeria Conservation Park

The community group was supported to plant 551 native plants at five locations (Tadpole Cove, Wreckers Beach, Wreckers Beach Lookout, Osmanli Reef Lookout and Second Boat Ramp) in Cape Gantheaume Conservation Park and one location (main entrance) in Beyeria Conservation Park. The revegetation was undertaken to increase biodiversity and habitat, reduce the risk of coastal erosion and protect native vegetation by managing visitor access at planting locations. The project has also increased community participation in activities that have positive environmental outcomes.

KI Grassroots Grants in 2021-22
Volunteers from Parndana Progress Association removing weeds around their township. Image Parndana Progress Association

Weed Busters

Recipient: Parndana Progress Association

The Progress Association was supported to hold three working bees with local residents to remove eight weeds invading the Parndana township over 4 ha. The Association also revised, printed and distributed a Parndana township weeds brochure to local residents to educate them about why weed control is important, weeds invading Parndana and the best methods to use to control them.

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KI Grassroots Grants in 2021-22
BirdLife Kangaroo Island volunteers with their newly erected shorebird sign in Kingscote. Image Stan Gorton

Saving shorebirds with beach signs

Recipient: BirdLife Kangaroo Island

The installation of two signs informing beach goers about the migratory and resident shorebirds using the beach and the activities they can undertake to protect them, along the walking trail linking Reeves Point and Brownlow.

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Salvation Jane removal farmland

Recipient: MacGillivray landholder

Supported the landholder to conduct initial control of the outlier population of salvation Jane over 24.5 ha.

Isthmus revegetation project

Recipient: Dudley landholder

Supported the landholder to continue their large-scale revegetation project through planting 1,091 native plants over 3 ha and protecting these with 870 metres of fencing.

Land Care fencing

Recipient: Seddon landholder

Supported the landholder to replace 2.25 km of burnt shelterbelt fencing to protect regenerating native vegetation from stock.