KI Grassroots Grants in 2023-24

Successful Grassroots Grants projects in 2023-24 include:

Project nameApplicantOutcomes
Arum Lily Control, Lashmar Conservation ParkFriends of Dudley Peninsula Parks and WildlifeTo continue the eradication of arum lilies in Lashmar Conservation Park through volunteer working bees.
1.5 km of fencing to protect shelterbeltLandholder in SeddonTo protect burnt native vegetation within a shelter belt from further damage from grazing pressure of both sheep and cattle.
Overcoming nutritional barriers to limingTimber Creek Landcare GroupTo demonstrate granular and foliar treatments to rectify manganese deficiencies incurred following liming acidic soil and promote the results to the agricultural community.
Clay spreading non-wetting infertile sandLandholder at Stokes BayTo improve soil health and reduce non-wetting sands and soil nutrient leaching into waterways and dams through clay spreading and planting perennial pasture over 40 ha.
Saving critically endangered Beyeria bush pea from extinction by weed invasion and kangaroo browsingThreatened Plant Action GroupTo restore critical habitat of Beyeria bush-pea by weed control of bridal veil and protection from KI kangaroo grazing in Beyeria Conservation Park and along priority roadsides.
Improving KI's weather station network for farmers and communities benefitAgriculture Kangaroo Island IncorporatedTo install a weather station with a soil probe on western KI to continue the network of weather stations on KI to benefit producers on western KI with more accurate knowledge of weather conditions and soil moisture and to enable risk modelling.
Planting and protecting seedlings for shelterbeltsLandholder at Middle RiverTo plant 1000 native plants over 1 ha and protect them with guards to build shelterbelts and improve biodiversity and provide shelter for stock.
Deep Creek fencingLandholder on Dudley PeninsulaTo protect Deep Creek with 900 m of fencing to protect native vegetation, prevent water erosion and improve water quality and stock management.
Perennial pastureLandholder at Cape BordaTo sow 40 ha of perennial pasture to rehabilitate degraded areas by stabilising soils with perennials pasture. This will reduce soil erosion, improve soil fertility and accelerate carbon storage.
RevegetationLandholder at CassiniTo replant 1.8 ha of native vegetation burnt in the 2019-20 bushfires with 800 native plants to improve biodiversity.