KI Bushfires Recovery 2019/20

The state government has a comprehensive web page on the emergency relief for those affected by the Kangaroo Island Bushfires. Some of that information is included here. However, this page also lists additional information to help you manage natural resources on your rural property, after a fire.

We'll continue to update this page with information on how the Kangaroo Island Landscape Board can assist you in recovering from bushfire: last update 26/02/2020

Over the coming days and weeks, the Kangaroo Island Landscape Board staff will be present in the community and available to landholders seeking advice or assistance on land management issues such as pasture regeneration, watercourse management, soil rehabilitation, revegetation, weed management and habitat restoration.

We have also produced a Kangaroo Island Bushfire Recovery kit for land managers which can be downloaded here . This information pack has been compiled to provide immediate advice on these issues and has been gathered from other bushfire affected areas that have also embarked on the road to recovery. We have tried to keep the information relatively streamlined and you may find that you need more specific advice or that your query is not answered.

KI Fire Appeal

The SA Government has activated the State Emergency Relief Fund for KI to collect donations for people directly affected by the fire and is available here.

Financial donations are the best way to help disaster-affected communities recover, as this lets people buy exactly what they need and spend locally. Every contribution, no matter how big or small, can make a difference. All money raised will be administered by an independent committee to ensure fair distribution of funds to those most in need, including those who suffered injury or loss. You can make a tax-deductible donation online, via cheque, or in person at any Commonwealth Bank branch.

Remediation from the CFS

If you have had control lines inserted on your property, water used from a dam or fences cut during the efforts to fight the bushfires you can contact the CFS remediation team on 08 8553 4446 for help remedying the situation.

Kangaroo Island Council

40 Dauncey Street, Kingscote; Ph: 8553 4500

Kangaroo Island emergency relief web page for a recovery hotline and details on relief and recovery centres.

Livestock assistance

PIRSA is assessing agricultural losses on Kangaroo Island. A 24 hour hotline – 1800 255 556– is available for animal owners seeking urgent assistance and information.

For more information visit the PIRSA website.

Offering to bring fodder over to KI for farmers or looking to buy some? Please take a look at our Fodder Management guidelines to help protect farmers biosecurity

Native Vegetation: Clearing and Fire Recovery

The Department for Environment and Water (DEW)'s Native Vegetation unit has prepared a handy FAQ about the activities involving clearance that you can undertake on your property after a bushfire that you can view here. Should you have any questions about native vegetation that aren't covered in this document please refer your questions to the 35 Dauncey Street, Kingscote on (08) 8553 4444 or email  

Property recovery

Natural Resources Kangaroo Island provides support and advice to property owners impacted by fire to ensure the recovery of natural resources and the ongoing sustainable management of properties. Staff will be available to come to your property and talk with you about the challenges you are facing, or will face, in the recovery of your property. We intend to be here for the long term as your property recovers.

In the first instance, it’s important to remove stock from burnt paddocks to let them recover, and to get advice before felling burnt trees. Contact the Natural Resources Kangaroo Island office on 8553 4444 for more information.

The EPA provides advice on managing bushfire waste including CCA treated timber, contaminated water in rainwater tanks, chemicals and bushfire-affected animal carcasses.

Rural properties

Bushfire recovery and your property – Our colleagues at AMLR region have produced this handy booklet on production, infrastructure and land management

Native vegetation clearance along fence lines – frequently asked questions on replacing fences and native vegetation clearance conditions

Bushfire recovery, erosion and water supply – Our colleagues at AMLR region have produced this handy booklet listing simple ways to reduce erosion risk post fire

 Managing native vegetation after fire

Bushfire recovery and biodiversity – actions to assist native vegetation recovery

Native trees in burnt areas – information on burnt or scorched trees and how most Eucalypts continue to grow and provide important habitat

Post-fire woody weed control in bushland – information on how and when to control bushland weeds and knowing which weed patches to tackle first

Physical and emotional health

There are a number of support agencies that specialise in counselling and general health advice for people affected by disasters. More information is available here.


Lessons from the Pinery Fires

On Thursday 13 Feb, we hosted an event in Parndana for members of the public to come and here from people who lived through the Pinery Fires in 2015 and hear from them about what they dealt with, how the coped and what they wish they knew before.

If you would like to look at the powerpoint presentations given on that day you can do so here and here


Social media

The official Facebook page for SA Bushfire Recovery is coordinated by the SA Department of Human Services.

The KI Natural Resources Management Board's Facebook page will also be used to share information.

CFS have a CFS Kangaroo Island Community Engagement FB page which has updates regarding KI communtities or you can check their main CFS page for updates on the fires

Kangaroo Island Council also have a FB page with regural updates


Caring for Wildlife 

Wildlife services are urging people not to remove any wildlife from the island. Koalas and other wildlife affected by bushfires on Kangaroo Island must be managed locally for their own protection. SAVEM is the 'go-to' authority for wildlife rescue 0477 055 233.

You can also deliver injured animals to the KI Wildlife Park, 4068 Playford Highway (08) 8559 6050 Kangaroo Island Wildlife Network (KIWN) is working along side.


Volunteers: Junction is helping to coordinate volunteer efforts, both providing volunteered items and coordinating offers of help, accommodation, clothes, etc. they can be contacted through (08) 8553 2877


Blaze Aid a volunteer-based organisation that works with families and individuals in rural Australia after natural disasters such as fires and floods. Working alongside the rural families, our volunteers help to rebuild fences and other structures that have been damaged or destroyed.

Contact: 0418 530 471


The South Australian government has launched the SA Bushfire Appeal to raise funds for people directly affected by bushfires in Cudlee Creek and on Kangaroo Island.

Every contribution, no matter how big or small, can make a difference to those most affected by this tragedy. Donate online now to the SA Bushfire Appeal.

other worthy causes: 

KI Mayoral fund to assist those in need on KI affected by the bushfires

CFS foundation:

KI Wildlife Park (go fund me page)

Glossy Black Cockatoo Recovery Program

Save the KI Dunnart

Blaze Aid

Save the KI Ligurian bee


Current issues being worked on

SA Power Networks is aware of power outages across the Island, technicians are working on having all power restored, no timeline for that restoration yet. 


WATER – Call 1300 SA WATER - SA Water is urging residents to limit all non-essential water use.

Inspections of the Middle River Water Treatment Plant have confirmed significant fire damage, repairs are underway.

Parndana and areas outside of Kingscote may notice a smokey taste and odour to their drinking water. SA Health confirms this water remains safe to drink.

American River will have water carted in.


Telstra is aware phone services are being affected across Kangaroo Island. Technicians are working on having services restored. No timeline for that restoration yet. From tomorrow (Monday) their payphone network around the country will provide free local, national and standard mobile calls with free use of the Telstra Air Wi-Fi network at locations where payphones are equipped to provide this.


FERRIES – SeaLink has added additional ferry services to run today.  13 13 01

Kangaroo Island Connect  0419 100 100



To help further protect Kangaroo Island while it recovers from the devastating fires – please be aware of some of the biosecurity requirements.

  • Any machinery brought to KI should arrive as clean as possible – that is - free of soil and plant contamination. The reverse should apply to machinery leaving KI – it should be clean before arriving there.
  • Fodder, seed and hay brought as animal feed should be weed free or sourced from properties with equivalent weed status as KI - For more information visit the PIRSA website
  • No bee products, including honey, bees wax, live bees or beekeeping equipment is permitted to be brought to KI. If honey is needed to treat burns it must be sourced from Kangaroo Island producers
  • Any wildlife removed from KI to be treated on the mainland cannot be returned as the disease status is different and risks introducing new disease to Kangaroo Island
  • Other biosecurity risks to be aware of are-  potatoes can be brought for consumption only and must be washed or brushed (no soil on the potato), no live rabbits or ferrets can be brought to KI.






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