nrmFARM is a free, online program that helps land managers record and store critical information about their property and farming operations.

The program’s mapping function allows users to easily create a spatial representation of their property including boundaries, fencing, paddocks and infrastructure.

Users can also record seasonal tasks such as crop seeding, soil test results, spray and fertiliser applications, stock management, weed sightings, yield data and more.

This information can be recorded with mapped points to make the information even more accurate and useful for future reference.

nrmFARM can be accessed on a computer or tablet device with a stable internet connection.


Click here to start mapping now!

If you are a new user, you will need to create a new account before being able to log in (click on ‘Create New Account’ underneath the login fields).

For previous nrmFarm users, if you need access to the data recorded in earlier versions of nrmFarm, please contact the Regional Agricultural Landcare Facilitator.

Download the nrmFarm user guide here.


Are you interested in attending a training session on nrmFARM? To register your interest please contact:

Regional Agriculture Landcare Facilitator

Phone: (08) 8553 2476  


This project is jointly funded through the Kangaroo Island Landscape Board and the Australian Government’s National Landcare Programme.



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