Water for the future

Water availability and use is a critical issue on Kangaroo Island and decisions about water management policies need to be based on the best available data. The Kangaroo Island NRM Board is considering new water use limits and would like to inform the Island community about the development of these policies.

Why is there a need for new Water Use limits?

Following the adoption of the current Regional NRM Plan in September 2009, the Board contracted the CSIRO to conduct an independent scientific review of the Plan’s water resource management policies. The review concluded that the current policies used to determine water use limits on Kangaroo Island do not appear to provide adequate safeguards for aquatic and riverbank ecosystems during dry years.

In addition, the KI community expressed concern about the use of off-island data in the current water limits calculations and wanted policies to be based on more locally relevant information. Furthermore, as better forecasts about the likely impacts of climate change become available, it is important that this information be considered in developing water policies.

Addressing these issues

The Board has commenced work to review water use limits for the Kangaroo Island region. The new water use limits will be completed over the next 12 months. A targeted community survey has been posted to a number of landholders outside of the Island’s townships to increase local input into the process of developing new water use limits. A questionnaire allows all community members to have their say about this critical issue.

Further information, can be obtained from the Natural Resources Centre.

More information

  • Water Resources Officer
    08 8553 4444