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Feral pests don't stop at the water's edge

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Boat owners coming to Kangaroo Island are asked to check for marine pests

Most people understand the importance quarantine restrictions play in maintaining the Island’s rabbit and fox free status, of keeping out diseases and pests that would endanger our honey and potato industries and restricting the entry of weeds and diseases to the Island. However, threats to Kangaroo Island’s industries and environment are not restricted to land-based pests. Marine pests arriving by stealth on boats also pose a threat to our commercial fishing and aquaculture industries.

In the past few years, isolated pockets of marine pests have been detected on Kangaroo Island early enough for them to be successfully eradicated. Recreational vessels such as yachts, which have berthed at mainland marinas and then travelled to Kangaroo Island, have been identified as the main source of these pests.

You can help keep our marine environment free from marine pests by taking some simple actions.

Clean your boat and equipment carefully before heading or returning to the Island. If you’ve not cleaned your boat before coming to the Island, please check it now. If you find anything that you don’t recognise attached to the hull or wrapped around anchors, chains or ropes do not attempt to remove it. Instead please notify Natural Resources Kangaroo Island (NRKI) immediately, by phoning (08) 8553 4444.

You can find out more information about marine pests by contacting the Natural Resources Centre. Signs at the Island’s main boat ramps also provide information about these pests.

Help us protect Kangaroo Island’s pristine marine environment and fabulous fishing.

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