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Australia Day recognition of Local NRM Achievers Awards

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The Kangaroo Island Natural Resource Management Board (NRM Board) received high quality nominations for the 2016 Local NRM Achievers Awards.

Kangaroo Island NRM Board Presiding Member Richard Trethewey said judging the four categories was most interesting due to the many activities undertaken and achievements made conserving and raising awareness of the island’s natural environment.

“We would like to recognise all nominees that took the time and effort to apply and thank the community members who nominated individuals and groups,” Mr Trethewey said.

Agriculture Kangaroo Island won the Community NRM Project Award for their efforts in raising community awareness about sustainable land management.

“Agriculture Kangaroo Island have developed projects that have been successful in achieving outstanding natural resource management outcomes around weeds, water and soil erosion.”

Snowdragon Wines won the Sustainable Primary Production Award for taking responsibility for the environmental and social impacts of their business, and for improving the health of their land and consequently their animals and people.

“They have revegetated creek lines and practice rotational grazing methods to ensure sustainable land management.”

Richard Glatz won the Outstanding Individual Award. He is a nationally recognised entomologist who has worked with local industry and government, conducting 18 years of largely self-funded research into the insect ecology of Kangaroo Island.

“Richard has collected over 40,000 insects which led to the discovery of a new moth family.”

Kangaroo Island Marine Adventures won the Sustainable Tourism Award for providing high quality nature-based tourism experiences and supporting scientists and community groups to gain a greater understanding of the issues our marine fauna and their habitats face.

This year the NRM Board decided that one nomination was worthy of a special Lifetime NRM Achievement Award.

“Bev and Dean Overton have worked for more than 35 years improving the condition and knowledge of Kangaroo Island’s native vegetation, this is why they received a lifetime achievement award,” Mr Trethewey said.

“The Overton’s have carried out research, established a herbarium, contributed to community groups, and achieved significant weed control and revegetation within Cape Guantheume Wilderness Protected Area, whilst always mentoring others.

“They have contributed to our community for many years and have great enthusiasm and passion for environmental projects”.

For further information about the Local NRM Achievers Awards and winners, please visit the Natural Resources Kangaroo Island award winners webpage or contact the natural resources centre on Ph: 8553 4444.

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