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Compliance series: Do the right thing!

News release
27 July 2018

With so many different legislative acts, policies and regulations, it can sometimes be difficult to find the information you need to do the right thing.

Natural Resources Kangaroo Island (NRKI) will be running a series of articles over the coming weeks to help guide you through the rules that are in place to ensure we all share a healthy, functioning and prosperous environment for the future.

We all know that our natural environment is fundamental to the prosperity of our agriculture, eco-tourism and wildlife on our Island, but it can also play an important part in our collective well-being.

Access to nature improves our mental and physical health, helps our children to learn and increases their brain power, while our natural resources underpin our regional economy through supporting agriculture, tourism and the other industries that depend on it.

South Australia has many pieces of legislation that outline what we as a society are trying to achieve and while we all have certain rights to use and benefit from our natural resources, we also have responsibilities to ensure they are wisely used and managed.

It is important that we not only look after the land ourselves, but that we also encourage others to ‘do the right thing’.

Natural Resources Kangaroo Island Regional Director, Damian Miley, says that ensuring people do the right thing, and taking action when they don’t underpins NRKI’s on-ground services.

“Compliance activities divert taxpayer’s money from important projects and programs we run around the Island providing services to farmers, tourism operators and caring for the land and the wildlife on it.

“If people have a clear understanding about their responsibilities to the environment and to their community we all stand to gain.” Mr Miley said.

Over the coming weeks, NRKI will share information about your rights and responsibilities to ensure you understand what is needed if you are thinking about collecting or selling firewood, conducting earthworks or building a dam, clearing native vegetation, buying a pet, and more.

If at any time you need clarification about a matter regarding the use or management of our precious natural environment, then please get in touch with NRKI at the natural resources centre at 37 Dauncey Street or ring 08 8553 4444 for assistance.

Photo credit: KI Brand Alliance

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