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Further funding announced for KI

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Two new Australian Government funded projects, Building Resilient Agricultural Systems on Kangaroo Island and Safe haven for threatened species (Phase 2 of the KI Feral Cat Eradication Program), are forecast to begin in the first quarter of 2019.

These projects bring the total investment from the Australian Government’s Regional Land Partnerships (part of the National Landcare Program) and KI’s Natural Resources Management (NRM) Board to over $7 million.

KI Natural Resources Management Board Presiding Member Richard Trethewey says this additional funding is great news for the Island and is testament to the hard work of board staff, and their dedication to the Island and its community.

“Following on from the two earlier announcements, this additional funding now brings the total amount to be invested in KI by the Australian Government’s Regional Land Partnerships to $7,107,963,” Mr Trethewey said.

“The standard of the proposals submitted to the Australian Government by the Board and its staff was highly praised and I think this is reflected by the substantial funds being awarded to KI.” said Mr Trethewey.

“The Safe Haven for Threatened Species project will be delivered over four years and will build on the work already undertaken by the Feral Cat Eradication Program.”

Project Director Mike Greig says that this funding will aim to create a safe haven over 37,000 hectares of mixed bushland, coastal and agricultural landscapes.

“This will help us to protect priority Kangaroo Island threatened species such as the hooded plover and southern brown bandicoot by eradicating feral cats from the Dudley Peninsula by 2023,“ Mr Greig said.

“Feral cats will be eradicated from the peninsula using a variety of methods such as trapping, baiting and detector dogs, which will be used to locate cats as well as to verify kills.

“This will be facilitated by the construction of a cat-proof fence across the narrow isthmus of the island, isolating from the rest of KI.

“The eradication of feral cats from the peninsula should also see many knock-on benefits for the agricultural sector, stopping the main means of spread for livestock diseases sarcocystis and toxoplasmosis that cause substantial economic cost.”

The Building Resilient Agricultural Systems on Kangaroo Island project is also a four year project that will build on the previous sustainable production program, with a key focus on soil health.

Jenny Stanton, a member of both the NRM and the Agriculture KI (AgKI) Boards, says the project will continue to work closely with industry groups and land owners, encouraging best practice in the management of acidic soils and improving soil health.

“The project will demonstrate innovative grazing and cropping systems following regenerative agriculture principles, incorporating Natural Sequence Farming and integrated pest management under KI conditions,” Ms Stanton said.

“The project will also showcase new tools and technologies to improve soil health, water infiltration and plant nutrient availability to build the resilience of KI farming systems.”

Further information on the projects can be found on the NRKI website.

Building Resilient Agricultural Systems on Kangaroo Island project

Safe haven for threatened species project

These newly announced projects for Kangaroo Island take the total amount of funding from the Australian Government’s Regional Land Partnerships (part of the National Landcare Program) to over $7 million and include the following projects:

• Recovering the Kangaroo Island Narrow Leaved Mallee Woodland Threatened Ecological Community through local landscape action.

• Future proofing agriculture on Kangaroo Island.

• Creating a safe haven for the Kangaroo Island Dunnart and other priority threatened species by eradicating feral cats from the Dudley Peninsula.

• Building resilient agricultural systems on Kangaroo Island.

Full list of all projects approved by the Australian Government can be found here

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