Green carpenter bee

What is the green carpenter bee project?

Natural Resources Kangaroo Island (KI), together with the community, is aiming to maintain and enhance the state of valuable natural resources in the region. The green carpenter bee project aims to determine how widespread the bee population is on KI and provide information on its conservation status.

What is being done?

With a body length of two centimetres and a brilliant blue-green colour, the green carpenter bee (Xylocopa aeratus) is very distinctive. It nests in dry flowering stalks of yaccas (grass trees) and in trunks and branches of dead banksia.

The green carpenter bee was once prolific from northern New South Wales down to KI. Now, the bees are only found in scattered areas along the east coast of Australia and on KI – the last foothold in southern Australia. Land clearing has destroyed many carpenter bee nest sites on the mainland, and it is believed that the devastating 2007 bushfires on KI also may have drastically reduced the bees’ native habitat in Flinders Chase National Park.

This project will help determine if the Flinders Chase population has survived the 2007 wildfire and provide information that will help better protect this iconic species.

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