Southern brown bandicoot

The southern brown bandicoot (SBB) is a medium sized native nocturnal marsupial that is primarily nocturnal, but can be seen during the day. It is a ground dwelling mammal that feeds on insects, fungi, fruits, roots, tubers and seeds. SBB lives in low dense vegetation and does not stray far from its habitat to search for food. Native plants such as yacca, banksia, and bracken fern provide good cover and protection from predators such as cats, as well as nesting sites.


The southern brown bandicoot Isoodon obesulus ssp. obesulus was once widely distributed on the Australian mainland but is now restricted to Kangaroo Island and two areas on the mainland of South Australia. It is listed as endangered nationally with threats to the species on Kangaroo Island including:

  • habitat loss, fragmentation and degradation
  • mortality through road kills
  • predation by cats and dogs

What is being done?

Natural Resources Kangaroo Island has been working with the community to gather information on the distribution of the SBB on Kangaroo Island. A survey on KI in 1990 found the species was widespread where native vegetation remained but subsequent surveys failed to detect large numbers of the species and anecdotal reports from the community indicate that the SBB is in decline. The community is encouraged to report bandicoot sightings using the bandicoot sighting form and bandicoot fact sheet so that their distribution can be plotted.

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