Pest animals

Pest animals can pose a significant threat to agriculture, the natural environment and public health and safety on Kangaroo Island (KI). Our challenge is to find ways to reduce the number of these pest animals to help restore native biodiversity and reduce losses in the agricultural industry.

KI’s Feral Animal Management Program works with government agencies, research groups, industry, stakeholders and the local community to determine the distribution and impact of feral animals, and the best control and eradication techniques.The program is funded by the Australian Government's National Landcare Program and the Kangaroo Island Landscape Levy.

By working closely with community, this program successfully eradicated feral goats and deer from KI, and ensures that KI remains free of many of the feral animals that adversely impact agriculture and the environment.

To assist with management of domestic goats, deer and ferrets on Kangaroo Island, please report any sightings to the KI Landscape Board. Please note that a permit is required to keep goats, deer and ferrets on Kangaroo Island.

More information can be found in Animal pests of South Australia – what you need to know

Over the next 15 years the KI Landscape Board aims to eradicate feral cats from Kangaroo Island. To find out more about eradicating feral cats on KI and sponsoring this ground breaking project please visit the feral cat eradication project webpage.

If you would like to hire a cat trap, please download the feral cat trapping on KI brochure.

Priority pests on Kangaroo Island


Common name: Cat
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Fallow deer

Common name: Peacock
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