Regional Levies

The regional landscape levy

The landscape levy is applied to all rateable land in the Limestone Coast. Local councils collect this on behalf of the Board, and all ratepayers will see this amount listed on their rates notice.

The landscape levy is a fixed charge that depends on the purpose for which land is used.

The categories of purpose of use are primary production, commercial, industrial and residential, vacant land and other. The landscape levy based on land use purpose aligns with a ‘beneficiary pays’ principle. For example, primary production landholders pay a higher rate as they use the landscape resources to generate an income and are more likely to receive benefit from landscape programs.

The regional water levy

The water levy applies to all water licensees with a water allocation for irrigation or industrial use.

The regional water levy is a fixed charge plus a rate per ML, or kL of allocation. This method means that all license holders will contribute to the cost of administering their license. 1ML (megalitre) = 1,000 kL (kilolitres) = 1,000,000 L.