Blue Lake

The Blue Lake is one of the most recognisable features of the South East of South Australia. It is renowned the world over for its dramatic colour change each year - in November the Blue Lake turns from a standard bluish/grey colour to an amazing and striking bright blue which lasts until March. The lake is also unique as it sits inside a volcano crater, which is testament to the regions volcanic past. With average depths of 70 metres, the lake contains 36,000 million litres (ML). The Blue Lake and the Crater Lakes area is a significant site within the Kanawinka Geopark and is a State Heritage Area.

The Blue Lake is a significant tourist attraction. The city of Mount Gambier and the surrounding community also rely on the Blue Lake for the supply of water for households and industry, with 3,500 ML pumped annually from the lake into holding tanks which gravity feed water to the city and surrounds. No swimming or diving is permitted.

The Blue Lake is at risk of being taken for granted. The very community that relies upon it also lives and works on the land surface through which the rainfall recharge must pass to replenish the Lake.

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Blue Lake Management Committee

The Blue Lake Management Committee is no longer a formal sub-committee of the South East Natural Resources Management Board.

This page will be updated once future arrangements of the Blue Lake Management Committee have been made.