Our region's plan

Why do we have a regional landscape plan?

A regional landscape plan guides natural resources management activities such as pest control, sharing groundwater, and soil and landscape management over a ten year period, and guides the allocation of the regional land levy.

Having a regional plan is a statutory requirement under the Landscape South Australia Act 2019 for the Limestone Coast Landscape Board.

Subregional Plans, developed in consultation with the community over 2017-18, provide direction on the threats, values and drivers for landscape management across the region.

Limestone Coast Landscape Board Business Plan 2020-21

This is a regional Landscape Board Business Plan 2021/22 under the Landscape South Australia Act 2019 transitional provisions (Schedule 5 s. 90).

The initial Business Plan consists of the Business Plan of the former South East NRM Board, which has been adopted by the Limestone Coast Landscape Board to the extent that it relates to the Limestone Coast landscape management region, and adjusted by this document.

  •  4 priorities for investment that align with the Minister's 'back-to-basics' priorities: 
    • Maintaining water quality and availability
    • Minimising impacts of pest plants and animals
    • Maintaining the health of soils and land
    • Conserving native vegetation, wetlands and coastal habitats
  • An additional investment priority – Grassroots Grants
  • A clear definition of services to be delivered and detailed investment of levy funds
  • An increased investment to support landholders to build and maintain healthy soils and manage their on farm landscapes
  • A increased investment in engagement, advice and compliance, for managing pests, soils and water affecting activities
  • A stronger focus on monitoring, including developing citizen science within the region.


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