Dunes and Flats

The Dunes and Flats coastline features flat sandy beaches, perfect for the thousands of holiday makers that flock to the coast every summer, interspersed with limestone cliffs and rocky outcrops.  Sanctuary zones provide a haven for a multitude of marine species and vital nurseries for the subregion’s fishing industries.

This subregion includes the townships of Beachport, Robe, Kingston SE and Lucindale, and agriculture is its biggest employer, irrigated by groundwater on the low-lying flats.  Livestock, plantation forestry, horticulture and wine growing are the major means of primary production. A 100+year old drainage system moves winter rainfall northward to wetlands and ultimately the Coorong, while protecting agricultural land from flooding.   The Ramsar-listed, internationally significant Bool and Hacks Lagoons along with other ecologically valuable wetlands in the subregion offer unique opportunities to birdwatchers and nature-lovers alike. .

The subregion contains areas of significant Aboriginal heritage values and contains the traditional country of the Bunganditj, Marditjali, Potaruwutj and Tangenekald Aboriginal people. The northern part of the region includes part of the area claimed by the Ngarrindjeri under Native Title.

Read the Dunes and Flats Subregional Plan.

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