Volcanic Plains and Southern Dunes

From the southernmost rock lobster fishery in South Australia at Port MacDonnell, to the internationally renowned wineries at Coonawarra on terra rossa soil, the Volcanic Plains and Southern Dunes subregion hosts diverse primary industries including plantation forestry, horticulture and 60% of the state’s milk production.

The subregion is also home to significant natural features, such as the Ramsar listed Piccaninnie Ponds system, the iconic Blue Lake at Mount Gambier and a rugged limestone coastline.  Dormant volcanoes in the south enrich the soil and wetlands fill with birdlife in the low-lying interdunal plains.

The Bunganditj people cared for this land for thousands of years and still have a strong cultural connection to the landscape today.

Read the Volcanic Plains and Southern Dunes Subregional Plan.

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