Carbon Credits - Considerations and Benefits

Carbon Credits - Considerations and Benefits

Considerations before entering into soil carbon credits

There are many aspects you need to consider before committing to a soil carbon project to earn carbon credit units. Every enterprise and location is different and what has worked for others may not work for you. Do your research before committing and talk to people who have nothing to gain financially from your involvement in trading soil carbon credits.

Benefits to undertaking a soil carbon credit project

Under the right circumstances there can be many benefits to undertaking a soil carbon credit project. Many actions required to earn soil carbon credits may have other benefits for your enterprise:

  • Income diversification. Selling carbon credits provides an alternative income.
  • Improved crop or livestock productivity. Improving soil carbon can increase water holding capacity, provide drought resilience, improve soil health and nutrient availability.
  • Environmental plantings. The addition of vegetation to a property has numerous benefits such as helping to conserve biodiversity, improve water quality and reduce salinity. Trees and shrubs can also provide livestock shade and shelter which can improve productivity and ultimately profitability and assist a property in meeting improved animal welfare standards.

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