Dung Beetles

Dung Beetles

Nature's soil carbon sequesters

There are many benefits to encouraging and supporting year-round dung beetle populations on your property:

  • they break down organic material
  • transport nutrients from the surface to the subsoil
  • improve water infiltration and reducing runoff
  • reduce flies and odours by physically removing dung from the soil surface
  • helps to control dung-borne parasites
  • aerate the soil
  • increase pasture health and productivity
  • sequester carbon in the soil
Dung Beetles
Source: Creation Care factsheet- Dung Beetles Build Soil Carbon

What species of dung beetles are found near you?

The Dung Beetle Ecosystems Engineers project has produced an interactive map to find the dung beetle species known to be present near you.

Dung Beetles

Based on information from the Dung Beetles Ecosystems Engineers project, this handy dung beetle identification chart will also assist you to identify dung beetles present on your property.

Introduced Dung Beetles of the Limestone Coast

Purchasing Dung Beetles

There are a number of different commercial suppliers of dung beetles around Australia. A list of these suppliers can be found at Dung Beetle Ecosystem Engineers.

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