Bats & Insects Citizen Science

12 February 2021 until 13 February 2021

Have you ever wanted to be a part of a citizen science project?

In Australia, there are nearly 100 species of bats, with 16 of those living in the Limestone Coast. 

The Limestone Coast Landscape Board are partnering with Nature Glenelg Trust to run a project aimed at raising awareness of how widespread, diverse, and abundant bats are throughout the South East. 

Bats are an important part of the environment and carry out important ecosystem services such as pollination, seed dispersal, and pest control (eating insects).  

Citizen scientists will be involved in a real research project, to determine what bat species are currently present in the Limestone Coast as well as the diversity of insect species in the region.  Participants will be provided a training session and then be involved in both the capture and identification of insect and bats. 

The project will consist of two nocturnal bat and insect surveys in February at separate locations near Glencoe and Wrattonbully, using UV light trapping for insects, coupled with harp trapping of bats.

Due to the nocturnal nature of the project (sunset to midnight) and the sensitivities of working with live bats, this project is not suitable for under 14s. 


Date: 12th & 13th February 2021

Location: Glencoe & Wrattonbully, SA

Register your interest:

Jacqui Owen on 0428 155 989 or Jacqui.owen@sa.gov.au.



Mt Burr Swamp, Glencoe SA

Gordon Swamp, Wrattonbully SA

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