Grants and funding

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Native Vegetation Heritage Agreement grants

$6 million has been allocated by the South Australian Government to support landholders with Heritage Agreements on their properties through the Native Vegetation Heritage Agreement (NVHA) grants.

The grants support landowners to enhance biodiversity and ecological resistance to climate change.

Landholders are able to apply for micro-grants up to $1000 through to larger grants of up to $100,000.

Activities may include weed control, revegetation work and management of grazing impacts. Landholders with Heritage Agreements on their properties can access tools, education and funding to help them maintain and enhance areas of native vegetation.

To access Native Vegetation Council’s Native Vegetation Heritage Agreement grant program, visit Native Vegetation Heritage Agreement Grant, or contact the Limestone Coast Native Vegetation Heritage Agreement Outreach Officer Tania Rajic

Conservation Grants - funding to support biodiversity projects on your property

Visual Branding Guidelines for grant recipients

To support grant recipients to promote projects funded by the LC Landscape Board, information can be obtained from the LC Landscape Board Visual Brand Guidelines for grant recipients, and the LC Landscape Board Visual Brand Guidelines for the Australian Government's National Landcare Program.