Limestone Coast Grassroots Grants

The Limestone Coast Landscape Board's Grassroots Grants projects to receive funding for 2020 have been decided!

The successful grant applications come after Minister for Environment and Water David Speirs first announced the grants program for all landscape boards in July.

The Grassroots Grants program is an important element of the Landscape SA reform agenda and ensures communities have access to funding opportunities to undertake important work in our landscapes.

For the inaugural Grassroots Grants program of 2020, sixteen projects have been selected. They are geographically spread across the region and cover topics that organisations in the community have identified as important pieces of work towards managing our landscape.

You can see the full list of Limestone Coast Grassroots Grants recipients and read about their projects in the table below and learn more about them by following us on social media.

2020/2021 Grassroots Grant Recipients


Project Name

Project focus

Board priority

Council Area

Beachport District Development Association Incorporated

Developing a Spiny Rush program for Lake George

Protect the environmental recreational and agricultural values around Lake George by developing a community based Spiny Rush control program.

Maintaining biodiversity

Wattle Range Council

Coorong District Council

Tatiara Creek biodiversity enhancement works

Enhancing the environment and reduce fire risk through: weed control, and revegetation with local understory plant species.

Maintaining biodiversity

Tatiara District Council

Friends of the Coorong

Pest Control and Monitoring of the North Pelican Island Pelican Breeding Colony within the Coorong National Park Southern Lagoon.

Monitoring, evaluation and potential control of pest mice interfering with the pelican breeding cycle in Coorong National Park.

Pest plant and animal control

Coorong District Council

South East Deer Control Group

Sustaining farmland and environmental protection through pest control in Limestone Coast Region

Extend the capacity of Limestone Coast landholders who are already working in a collaborative deer control group. To minimise impacts of feral deer and foxes, and to sustain farming land, protect the environment and support bushfire recovery.

Pest plant and animal control

Tatiara DC, Kingston DC, Coorong DC

Livestock SA Incorporated

Showcasing large scale feral deer traps

Trial a large scale deer trap in the South East to support productive and sustainable agriculture practices and management of natural resources.

Pest plant and animal control

Kingston District Council

MacKillop Farm Management Group Incorporated

Boosting sandy soil fertility with organic amendments

Establish the most cost-effective method for maintaining healthy soils in a grazing system in the Wattle Range Council area, increase the knowledge and skills of the agricultural community.

Soil and landscape management

Wattle Range Council

Millicent High School

Caring for Country

Bring Aboriginal and non Aboriginal Youth out on Country to experience Cultural Connection while Caring for the Country.

Maintaining biodiversity

Wattle Range Council, DC Robe, Kingston DC, City of Mt Gambier

Nature Foundation Limited

Geegeela Nature Reserve biological assessment

Undertake an essential baseline biological survey to determine the abundance and distribution of flora and fauna species and habitat conditions of the reserve.

Maintaining biodiversity

Tatiara District Council

Port MacDonnell Landcare Group Inc.

SpringCare: Community caring for karst springs and fens

Implement a karst spring project, incorporating Citizen-Science-based water quality monitoring in conjunction with on-ground actions to improve riparian habitat quality of karst springs and associated drains, as well as foster greater connection to the springs with the local landcare community group.

Maintaining water quality and quantity

District Council of Grant

SPAA Society of Precision Agriculture Australia Incorporated

Limestone Coast Precision Agriculture virtual bus tour

Create an online resource corresponding to a specific farm on a map referred to as a “virtual bus tour”. An interactive medium showing how local growers have implemented best management practice.

Soil and landscape management

Whole Region

Tatiara District Council

Mundulla Common & Swamp Enjoyment and Enhancement

Environmentally sound preparation for Bushfire Season to reduce fire danger.

Maintaining biodiversity

Tatiara District Council

Timberlands Pacific managing for New Forests Asset Management

Penola Park Swamp

Improve the biodiversity values of the site with the assistance from two local high schools, working the project into their curriculum.

Maintaining biodiversity

Wattle Range Council

Trees For Life Incorporated

Paddock Tree Bush Action Team event

Delivering a multi-day paddock-tree planting community event. The objective of this event is to engage the Limestone Coast community to support farmers in the South East to plant and protect paddock trees.

Maintaining biodiversity

Nara-Luc, Wattle Range, Tatiara DC, DC Grant

The City of Mount Gambier

Crater Lakes Weed Control

Recognise and protect all of the heritage values of the Crater Lakes area by identifying the local natives species, the pest weeds and plants and heritage taxa and implementing control actions.

Pest plant and animal control

City of Mount Gambier

Wine Grape Council of South Australia Incorporated

Extending EcoVineyards in the Coonawarra wine region

Six new demonstration sites will be established to showcase the use of native insectary plants in and around vineyards.

Maintaining biodiversity

Wattle Range Council

The Trustee for Nature Glenelg Trust

High School Science in the field

Take all Grant High year 9 science students out of the classroom to NGT’s Mt Burr Swamp restoration property. The students will be involved in wetland assessment, data collection and interpretation, site management and restoration.

Maintaining biodiversity

Wattle Range, DC Grant, City of Mt Gambier



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