Adaptive Agriculture Grants

The Adaptive Agriculture Grants program supports agricultural industries to respond to the threats and market opportunities created by future climate projections for the Limestone Coast.

Applications have now closed for the 2021/2022 round of Adaptive Agriculture Grants.

Applicants will be contacted once applications have been assessed.

For more information about the Adaptive Agriculture Grants program, please contact Coordinator James Hall on 08 87551620 or read more about the project here

This project is supported by the Limestone Coast Landscape Board, through funding from the Australian Government's National Landcare Program.


See below for more information on the past and current Adaptive Agriculture Grants.

2020/2021 Adaptive Agriculture Grant Recipients

Seven projects were successful in gaining funding last year. The projects represent the diverse nature of the agricultural industry in the Limestone Coast and will support landholders with water efficiency use and security, improve soil health, encourage biodiversity, better decision making and confidence to sell and market out produce.



Project Name

Project focus

Council Area

Dairy SA

Irrigation systems evaluation – Hundred of Macdonnell

To support the Dairy Industry in the Limestone Coast region to maximise water use efficiencies and yield of irrigated pasture systems. This will be achieved through undertaking a minimum of 5 catch can tests on pivots and an extensive investigation of the individual pivot resulting in a report including recommendations. These tests and assessments will be carried out in the Hundred of MacDonnell. A field day will be held to present information on water use efficiency.

Grant District Council

Coorong - Tatiara LAP

Coorong Water Security Technology Awareness Project

Development of a Water Security Fact Sheet ‘Best practice on farm pipe laying technology to avoid water leaks’ and delivery of a ‘Coorong Water Security Technology’ tour. The fact sheet and tour will contribute to building the capacity of agricultural producers to efficiently manage water resources in a variable climate and to build resilience in agricultural businesses in the Limestone Coast region of South Australia.

The technology tour is planned for Autumn 2021

Coorong District Council

Lucerne SA

Optimising plant stress levels for lucerne seed production – Development of a visual resource

To develop and produce a simple web-based visual reference guide to inform and support growers and advisors for in-paddock comparisons in making irrigation management decisions to optimise plant stress levels for lucerne seed production. This web-based tool builds on and makes information accessible from the work of Lucerne Australia project existing project funded by AgriFutures Australia.

Tatiara District Council

MacKillop Farm Management Group

Enabling change on the Limestone Coast - extension training for project officers to promote, support, or encourage the uptake of best practice agriculture in a changing climate

To deliver a workshop ‘Enabling Change on the Limestone Coast’, which will build the capacity of the agricultural advisory sector to deliver more effective extension, capacity building and change management programs to Limestone Coast landholders.

Workshop to be held in 2021, Struan House

Across the Limestone Coast

Coorong – Tatiara LAP

Meningie East – Field Healthy Soils Group – building soil carbon workshop


Meningie East – Field Healthy Soils Group Lets learn about – Aqua Till, building soil carbon in our landscape, and reclaiming saline areas with revegetation.

Delivery of a workshop including the compilation and presentation of information on building soil carbon in our landscape, local weather station data access and interpretation and a demonstration of a land management technique.

The field day is planned for summer 2020/2021

Coorong District Council

Wine Grape Council of SA

EcoVineyards Workshop: Incorporating native insectary plants to create biodiverse ecosystems in and around Coonawarra vineyards


Delivery of a field day in the Limestone Coast Region of South Australia which aims to further extend the information and outcomes from the ‘EcoVineyards project’ and support the viticulture industry to adapt to climate change.

Topics covered during the field day will:

  • Promote soil health including the benefits of increasing organic matter, microbial activity, water infiltration and reduced cultivation.
  • Promote the benefits of biodiversity enhancement, native vegetation cover, biological control of grapevine pests, habitat for endangered birds, microbats and reptiles and improved landscape aesthetics.
  • Promote ways to meet the expectations of marketplace and environmentally savvy consumers.

Workshop planned for May 2021

Wattle Range Council

MacKillop Farm Management Group

Media and communications online workshop series


To deliver a media and communications workshop series comprising of 6 workshops which will increase the capacity of those in the agricultural industry by,

  • Increasing their ability to support and promote on-farm adoption of practices that increase resilience, as well as
  • Improving their ability to communicate knowledge around climate change.

Workshop topics:

Workshop 1 - Working with the media

Workshop 2 - Social media strategies

Workshop 3 - How to interview and be interviewed

Workshop 4 - How to hold online meetings and webinars successfully

Workshop 5 - How to create graphics to communicate your message

Workshop 6 - How to film and edit effective videos, including using various editing programs

Workshops will be held throughout the year.

Across the Limestone Coast



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