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Adaptive Agriculture Grants

The Adaptive Agriculture Grants program supports agricultural industries to respond to the threats and market opportunities created by future climate projections for the Limestone Coast.

The grants fund activities that support the principle of sustainable management of natural resources to enable communities in primary production to develop resilience and respond to the threats and market opportunities created by climate change for the Limestone Coast region of South Australia.

Round 1 recipients for 2022/2023 are detailed below. Round 2 2022/23 are currently being assessed and will be announced soon!

For more information about the Adaptive Agriculture Grants program, please contact Limestone Coast Landscape Board Adaptive Agriculture Senior Project Officer Chelsea Burns on 0427 015 531.

2022/2023 Adaptive Agriculture Grant Recipients - Round 1

Six (6) projects were successful in gaining funding in Round 1 for 2022/2023. The projects represent the diverse nature of the agricultural industry in the Limestone Coast and aim to support land managers with water security and efficiency, improve soil health, encourage biodiversity, confident decision making and knowledge of diversification and market provenance.

Salinity impacts on water security in Coorong & Tatiara districts

Applicant: Coorong Tatiara Local Action Plan (CTLAP)

This project aims to support land managers to understand groundwater systems, and support water efficiencies in their production systems in a changing climate. The development of resources will also support a further understanding of dryland salinity, through development of locally relevant resources to support land managers in the Coorong and Tatiara districts.

More Lambs More Often – bullet proofing your business against variable seasons

Applicant: Rural Industry Skills Training (RIST)

This project will focus on delivering small group workshops with livestock managers in an effort to build confidence in decision making in variable climates and markets in the Limestone Coast.

Building on the established ‘Lifetime Ewe Management (LTEM)’ program, the More Lambs More Often workshops will focus on climate variability for sheep producers based on rainfall sub-regions across the Limestone Coast through the delivery of practical, interactive and informative workshops. The aim is to increase knowledge and confidence in decision making to support resilient livestock management systems when extreme climatic events occur.

Building carbon and climate expertise in the Upper South East & Limestone Coast

Applicant: Coorong Tatiara Local Action Plan (CTLAP)

This project aims to build carbon and climate knowledge of advisors in the Upper South East and Limestone Coast to support land managers in the region. An increase in capacity of local advisors and support networks will enable communication of accurate and relevant technical knowledge and increase confidence of land managers by improved understanding of climatic trends, carbon neutrality and building soil carbon for resilient systems.

Carbon without the jargon: deciphering carbon farming in the Limestone Coast

Applicant: MacKillop Farm Management Group (MFMG)

The focus of this project is to deliver education and capacity building to farmers through a field day/crop walks and via a podcast communication product to support increased knowledge on carbon farming in the Limestone Coast region. It also aims to include specific and expert education and capacity building for land managers attending MacKillop Farm Management Group scheduled crop walks and field days regarding adapting to market opportunities in a changing climate. These activities aim to assist land managers to build confidence for agricultural business decision making, as well as share knowledge and expertise. A podcast devoted to providing a practical and local perspective on understanding carbon is also planned as an ongoing resource for land managers.

Limestone Coast bus tour - farm diversity in the Upper South East

Applicant: Grassland Society of Southern Australia - Limestone Coast branch (GSSALC)

This project is seeking to assist land managers to understand how they can build resilience and strengthen their production systems through farm diversity in agricultural businesses. A trip will be undertaken through the Upper South East district to demonstrate successful diversification and opportunities for business to adapt to market and consumer change in a changing climate. This activity will also raise awareness of progressive land management practices that are being successfully integrated to improve and protect the condition of soil, biodiversity and vegetation.

Supporting women in the Limestone Coast region in building the adaptive capacity of farming businesses

Applicant: WoTL Ltd

The focus of this project is to deliver education and capacity building to women in agricultural businesses through delivery of workshops in the Limestone Coast. This project aims to support increased knowledge on soil health, soil carbon and soil management, as well as supporting understanding and confidence to contribute to resilient farming business systems. These activities will also support the continued development of a connected resource network for women in agricultural business in the region.

This project is funded by the Australian Government.

Adaptive Agriculture Grants

More information

Chelsea Burns

LCLB Adaptive Agriculture Senior Project Officer

0427 015 531