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Adaptive Agriculture Grants

The Adaptive Agriculture Grants program supports agricultural industries to respond to the threats and market opportunities created by future climate projections for the Limestone Coast.

Applications for the 2022/2023 round of Adaptive Agriculture Grants closed Monday 2 May

The Limestone Coast Landscape Board is currently considering applications for the 2022/23 Adaptive Agriculture ‘Agricultural Industries Adapting to Variable Climates and Markets’ grant program.

The grants will fund activities that support the principle of sustainable management of natural resources to enable communities in primary production to develop resilience and respond to the threats and market opportunities created by climate change for the Limestone Coast region of South Australia.

Total grant funding available is $40,000, with a minimum application of $2,500.

For more information about the Adaptive Agriculture Grants program, please contact Limestone Coast Landscape Board Adaptive Agriculture Senior Project Officer Chelsea Burns on 0427 015 531.

This project is supported by the Limestone Coast Landscape Board, through funding from the Australian Government's National Landcare Program.

Adaptive Agriculture Grants

2021/2022 Adaptive Agriculture Grant Recipients

Four projects were successful in gaining funding in the 2021/2022 round. The projects represent the diverse nature of the agricultural industry in the Limestone Coast and will support landholders with water efficiency use and security, improve soil health, encourage biodiversity, better decision making and confidence to sell and market out produce.

Understanding soil carbon across the Tatiara and Coorong landscapes

Applicant:Coorong Tatiara Local Action Plan.Council area:Coorong District Council.

This project aims to support land managers to understand how they can build resilient soils, strengthen their productive systems and be ready for extreme climatic events. It also seeks to help land managers understand where they fit in the national push toward carbon neutrality, what capacity local soils have to build soil carbon and how this varies with land use.

Building a Limestone Coast Food Collaborative

Applicant:Mackillop Farm Management Group (on behalf of the Limestone Coast Food Cluster auspice).Council area:Limestone Coast LGA.

This project will focus on delivering a series of activities that create engagement by Limestone Coast food producers, retailers and other members of the food value chain that lead to the establishment of a Limestone Coast Food Cluster. The aim is to develop a networking and skills development opportunity that will support regional primary producers to increase knowledge of market drivers for traceability and product provenance. The activities aim to support primary producers to understand what new products can be grown in the region to meet new and emerging markets as a result of changing customer demands and climate change impacts.

Making the most of changing markets – meeting consumer demands for traceability, sustainability and provenance

Applicant:Limestone Coast Food Group. Council area:Limestone Coast LGA.

This project aims to build the reputation of the Limestone Coast region as a region of food prevenance with sustainable, green and progressive producers, as well as help producers to tell their food provenance and environmental sustainability stories. Production of an online ‘flipbook’ that promotes small-scale, local food producers to assist the food/restaurant industry, locals and visitors to find Limestone Coast food producers to source local produce. This helps to promote provenance of food from the Limestone Coast and to promote it as a destination of choice for food lovers.

Adapting to change – helping farmers adapt to variable climates and markets in the Limestone Coast

Applicant:MacKillop Farm Management Group. Council area:Limestone Coast LGA.

A focus of this project is to deliver education and capacity building to farmers through a livestock field day, crop walks and via communication products/tools to help adaptation to variable climates and markets in the Limestone Coast region. It also aims to include specific and expert education and capacity building for land managers attending MacKillop Farm Management Group scheduled crop walks and field days regarding adapting to climate and market change. This aims to assist them in being more climate-ready in their future decision making. A podcast and video devoted to climate and market change adaptation for farming enterprises will be produced.

More information

Chelsea Burns

LCLB Adaptive Agriculture Senior Project Officer

0427 015 531