Land management

The Limestone Coast Landscape Board aims to support the community to maintain healthy soils and land. Sustainable primary production and improvements to land management practices are important ways to achieve a productive, climate resilient and biodiverse landscape. We provide information to support land managers in gaining new skills and knowledge to implement sustainable land management practices. Information is provided to the community directly through Limestone Coast Landscape Board activities and indirectly through funding primary industry organisations and community groups to delivery activities.

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Why is healthy land and soils important?

Our land and soils underpin our agricultural industries and natural landscapes. The health of our soils and landscapes is vital to the continued prosperity of industries and the regional economy, and biologically diverse ecosystems. It is important that land is managed with careful consideration of the soil type, landscape characteristics and climate.

Indicators of land health:

  • Soil stability – stable soil that is not prone to erosion or land slippage; slope failures, mudflows, and debris flows.
  • Healthy soil that is able to sustain thriving ecosystems and agricultural production
  • Freedom from contamination or pollution
  • The presence of healthy water resources and biodiversity


The Landscape South Australia Act 2019 promotes sustainable and integrated management of the South Australia’s landscapes, to make provision for the protection of the State's natural resources.

Part 7 of the act ‘Management and protection of land’ outlines the obligations landholders have to prevent the degradation of land. The Limestone Coast Landscape Board has a network of Landscape Officers located across the region who assist landholders to fulfil their obligations under the Act.

If you need assistance with soil drift or erosion issues, please contact our Landscape Officers or call 08 8429 7550.

Sustainable agriculture services

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Sustainable agriculture groups

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