Soil management

Our region has a wide range of soils from deep sands through to black cracking clays. supporting a wide variety of agricultural enterprises, as well as providing important ecosystem functions linked to sustainable farming.

Employing good soil management practices will ensure that your farm business is sustainable into the future.

Soil Testing and Observation - Factsheets on “how to do a soil test” and interpret the results, as well as “Soil Health Check Cards” that allow for the easy record keeping of various paddock based soil attributes. 

Soil Attribute Maps - Regional maps of various soil types and soils susceptible to the issues faced in the region.

Soil Issues - Factsheets about soil issues also information on how to manage and treat these problems for sustainable and more productive soils.

Regional Soil Factsheets - Factsheets from research and investigations conducted in the region into soil and soil related problems.

Regional Demonstration Farms - Results from the various demonstration farms that have been part of the enhancing soil health projects. The results are not researched based investigation but rather demonstrations of soil modification techniques in a working farm situation.