Sustainable agriculture services

We're here to help.

  • Regional Agriculture Landcare Facilitator- contact us for information on sustainable best practice, support for sustainable agriculture groups and support for land managers in relation to whole of farm planning. 

  • Declared Weeds Management Advice - Landscape Officers are situated across the region to provide advice on identification and on farm management of declared weed species. Click here for more information and to see who your closest officer is.

  • Pest Animal Management Advice- Landscape Officers are situated across the region to provide advice on best management practice of pest animals, including on farm advice on eradication strategies. 

  • Bush Management Advice- Our Bush Management Advisor is available to provide on-farm advice on bush management, including regeneration, revegetation and pest plant and animal control in bushland.

  • Water Licencing Advice - Water Licensing Officers are available to provide advice on water licencing requirements.

  • Bore Permits - Online form and contact information for when you need to drill or alter a bore.




More information

  • Regional Agriculture Landcare Facilitator
    08 8735 1204