Fire management


In our region, bushfire is a real threat. Be sure to understand your bushfire risk so you can prepare your property and know what to do if a bushfire starts.  

Recovery Resources

The Limestone Coast Landscape Board provides support and advice to property owners impacted by bushfire to ensure the recovery of natural resources and the ongoing sustainable management of our landscapes. See the Bushfire Recovery Resources page for information about what to do, and who can assist, after a bushfire. 


Bushfire Ready Resources

 Stay Informed and do not rely on a single source for emergency warning information

Prepare your home and property (CFS Website)
Keeping your home and property well prepared throughout the year is essential to ensure you survive a bushfire. A well prepared home is more likely to survive a bushfire than one that hasn't been prepared.

Fire Danger Ratings
The CFS issues the Fire Danger Rating for each Fire Ban District after 4pm each day.

Bushfire Ready
7 Keys to surviving a bushfire. Review these as part of developing your Bushfire Survival Plan.

5 Minute Bushfire Plan
Don't wait, create your 5 Minute Plan now.

Bush Fire Safe Places
If you live, work or travel in an area where bushfires can occur, be aware of where to relocate to if threatened by a bushfire.

CFS Codes of Practice
The CFS, in conjunction with Grain Producers SA, Primary Producers SA and the State Government has developed new Codes of Practice for Broad Acre and Vegetation Pile Burning as well as for the use of Prescribed Tools.

Prescribed Burns

To view a list of upcoming prescribed burns in South Australia please visit the DEW fire management prescribed burns page.

Fire safety

As with visiting any natural environment, your safety is an absolute priority. Before embarking on any wilderness activities, be sure to check for any park closures or fire bans and closures that may affect you.