Bushfire Recovery Resources

The Limestone Coast Landscape Board provides support and advice to property owners impacted by bushfire to assist the recovery of natural resources and the ongoing sustainable management of properties.


Rural properties

Land and soil

PIRSA has additional bushfire information for primary producers.

The EPA provides advice on managing bushfire waste including CCA treated timber, contaminated water in rainwater tanks, chemicals and bushfire-affected animal carcasses.

 Managing native vegetation after fire

The CFS has information on native vegetation management including reducing fuel strategically; constructing a fuel break or fire access track and more.


For advice on burnt livestock requiring urgent assistance call PIRSA's Stock Assessment Hotline on 8207 7847 or 24 hour hotline – 1800 255 556. Additional bushfire information for primary producers is also available.

Pest and weeds

Some key environmental and agricultural weeds may respond to fire. There is potential for these weeds to germinate freely, resulting in problems for landholders. For more information contact your local  Landscape Officer.

Weed Control App

The free Weed Control app provides essential information about the control of weeds declared in South Australia. The app presents information from the current edition of the Weed Control Handbook for Declared Plants in South Australia. Download it from the iTunes store or GooglePlay.

Mental health support

The aftermath of a bushfire can be overwhelming. Accessing mental health support services can help to lighten the load. 

Other links

  • Insurance Council of Australia 1800 734 621
  • Asbestos If your buildings contain asbestos and are damaged in a fire, they will need special attention including the correct protection and removal of the debris. Asbestos dust and fibres are known to be hazardous when inhaled, and can be released into the air when products containing asbestos are incorrectly handled, removed or transported for disposal. See asbestos.sa.gov.au for more information.