Limestone Coast Automatic Weather Station Network

The Limestone Coast Landscape Board is seeking feedback from the community on how they access weather information in the region and the use of the Limestone Coast (LC) Automatic Weather Station Network.

The request for feedback in the form of a survey comes as the Board is currently assessing the use of weather stations in the region and the need for future investment in the Automatic Weather Station Network. If you wish to take part, please access the SURVEY here. 


The Automatic Weather Station (AWS) captures and stores information about weather around the region and makes data accessible to the community. The network was designed to meet the needs of primary producers and land managers. Information provided by the network can assist land managers to make more informed decisions around irrigation scheduling, the application of agricultural sprays and fertilisers and harvest conditions, as well as providing data to research projects. 

The AWS network gathers data from 20 sites, building a picture of current and historic weather conditions. Basic data collected includes rainfall, temperature, humidity, global solar radiation and wind speed and direction. Calculated indicators include dew point, apparent temperature, growing degree days, chill hours, frost, evapotranspiration, Delta-T, in-crop canopy temperature, and calculated minima, averages and maxima for most data sets.

A mobile-friendly version of the AWS has been developed for those accessing information via a smart phone or tablet device. It is recommended that you save this link on your phone as a shortcut for easy access next time.

Access the Weather Station Network HERE


This initiative is funded by the Limestone Coast Landscape Board



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