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Local students make valuable career connections
16 September 2020

Five students from the region have taken a step forward in their career planning after spending an action-packed week in the Limestone Coast Landscape Board's work experience program.

Revegetation to strengthen fragile Coorong habitat
16 September 2020

Fragile habitats along the Coorong are set to strengthen with thousands of new seedlings planted as part of revegetation work by the Our Coorong | Our Coast project and the Ngarrindjeri Lands Progress Association (NLPA).

Spring weeds to watch this season
07 September 2020

As native plants come alive with colour in Spring across the Limestone Coast, so too do pest plants. Limestone Coast Landscape Board Landscape Officer Michelle Sargent highlighted the need to keep on top of spring weeds.

Climate update webinar to share projections for spring
01 September 2020

The winter months have had below average rain fall in the Limestone Coast, and with cold starts and frosty mornings, land managers may be starting to question what spring will bring.

Timely workshop prepares local landholders for fire
04 August 2020

Last year, Woolumbool Women in Agriculture received grant funding from the Limestone Coast Landscape Board Adaptive Agriculture project for a series of workshops, including a session on preparing for bushfire. Woolumbool Women in Agriculture member Danielle England said the bushfire preparation workshop was timely.

Funding available for resilience building ag projects
20 July 2020

Funding is now available to local agriculture groups implementing projects to build resilience and adapt to climate change.

Bird enthusiasts needed in search for endangered parrot
17 July 2020

The Our Coorong | Our Coast project is calling on local bird enthusiasts to help in the search for the elusive and endangered Orange-bellied Parrot (OBP).

New grassroots funding to support local communities
16 July 2020

Applications are now open for volunteers and local community organisations to access funding opportunities through the Limestone Coast Landscape Board’s new $250,000 Grassroots Grants program.

Inaugural Limestone Coast Landscape Board appointed
15 June 2020

The inaugural Limestone Coast Landscape Board members have been appointed, joining Chair Kerry DeGaris, in leading a back-to-basics approach on managing natural resources in the region.

Landholder cooperation needed to battle boxthorn
09 June 2020

The incoming Limestone Coast Landscape Board is encouraging local landholders to check their properties and roadsides for African boxthorn.

Displaying 1 - 10 of 89 items