Bool Lagoon a mecca for birders

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As we head into spring it’s a good time to visit Bool Lagoon, one of the South East region’s premier nature-based tourism locations. After winter rains in the area, the lagoon is filling with water and is home to an abundance of bird life.

Natural Resources South East LSE Team Leader Brian Robins says the lagoon is used often by visitors for bird watching and bird photography.

“This area is really special to all nature lovers and in particular to birders from all over South Australia and Victoria,” Mr Robins said.

Bool Lagoon is one of the biggest and most diverse freshwater lagoon systems in southern Australia. This seasonal wetland is also home to a wide range of wildlife and a number of rare and endangered birds, such as the small southern population of Brolga, Magpie Geese, the rare Glossy Ibis and the critically endangered Australasian Bittern.

In recent years flooding damaged a number of the walkways. Some sections of the Tea Tree Boardwalk have been replaced with hardwood timber to match the existing structure.

The Gunnawar Boardwalk has also been replaced by a new floating pontoon-style boardwalk, allowing the water to flow freely beneath.

To camp at Bool Lagoon and Hacks Lagoon Conservation Park, be sure to book online before you go at the National Parks SA website

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