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A winter walk in a local conservation park and an eye for detail have resulted in this year’s winning photo entry in the South East Natural Resources Management Board’s ‘Loving Where We Live’ photo competition open category.

Danielle White, the photographer behind the image ‘Rare emerald gem’, said she came across the unusual fungi species near Penambol Conservation Park.

“I often go walking around the area during late autumn and winter to see the different species of fungus,” Danielle said.

“Even though it was only about a centimetre in diameter, this one caught my eye as I had not seen it before.”

After identifying various characteristics of the mushroom, Danielle was able to confirm that it was the uncommon species Entoloma viridomaginatum.

Danielle’s interest in photography stems from a love for the South East region and wanting to share it with others.

“I came across photography by accident,” she said.

“I realised that a camera and some photos could help me share the wonderful things I come across on my walks. The photo competition was a great opportunity to share what I find, and hopefully my photos get others interested in the things the South East has to offer.”

A noted entrant in previous years’ photo competitions, Danielle said finding inspiration for the ‘Loving Where We Live’ theme was easy.

“There are so many different places to go walking and exploring in the South East, it’s hard to pinpoint a favourite. There is a location to fit every mood – one minute I can be by the beach soaking in rocky cliffs, amazing beachscapes and the fabulous flora and fauna that go along with it, and the next be lost inside forests filled with spectacular mushrooms and other wildlife.

“If I had to pick a favourite location, it would be where I took my winning photo – Penambol Conservation Park, for its diversity.”

This year’s competition had three categories: Open, U18 and Social Media.

Still Photography – Open

  • Open Winner: 'Rare emerald gem' - Danielle White
  • Open 2nd Place: 'Backyard footy' - Jane Hogarth
  • Open 3rd Place: 'Mullinger Swamp' - Janet Haebich

Still Photography - U18

  • U18 Winner: 'Superb Fairy Wren' - Angus Langsmith
  • U18 2nd Place: 'Sunset Hill' - Georgina England

Social Media

  • Social Media Winner: 'Port Mac jetty' - Rhiannon Johnston
  • Social Media 2nd place: 'Cold clear skies at Canunda' - Andrew Burston
  • Social Media 3rd place: 'Squaring off' - Alice Phillips

To see the gallery of winners and honourable mentions, visit our Facebook page or see the link below.

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