Regional Agriculture Landcare Facilitator support to continue for local communities

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The South East Natural Resources Management Board has been announced as one of 47 organisations selected through an open tender process to deliver the Regional Agriculture Landcare Facilitator project for 2018-2023.

The project will build on existing working relationships with the region’s agricultural service providers to directly engage farmers in sustainable land management practices through education, information sharing, trial delivery and assisting access to grant funding.

South East NRM Board Presiding Member Fiona Rasheed said this is a great opportunity for the region’s landholders to continue working towards managing natural resources and improving agricultural production.

“The South East region covers 28,000 square kilometres of land and supports diverse industries including livestock, cropping, horticulture, viticulture, dairy, fishing and plantation forestry,” Ms Rasheed said.

“Through the Regional Agriculture Landcare Facilitator, we are looking to sustain those industries by working in partnership with land managers, industry groups and researchers to improve the management of the region’s highly productive land and resources such as water and soil.”

Key focus areas include improving soil health on farms, exploring precision technology, enhancing water management and building local capacity to adopt new approaches.

Louise Densley has been appointed to the role. She is based at the Natural Resources Centre in Keith and will be a central contact point for industry and community groups.

A stakeholder workshop has been held as the first step in collecting direct input from industry and community groups regarding sustainable land management issues and priorities to be addressed in the region.

The Regional Agriculture Landcare Facilitator is funded by the Australian Government as part of its $450 million Regional Land Partnerships program, and is an important second phase of the $1 billion National Landcare Program.

For more information on the Regional Agriculture Landcare Facilitator contact Louise Densley on 0437 030 765 or

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