Baiting breakfast for rabbit control

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Feral rabbit populations in parts of the South East are on the rise, and oats – the humble breakfast cereal – are being recommended as part of a control program.

Natural Resources Management Officer Michelle Sargent said when baited with 1080 poison, oats can be an effective pest control measure.

“From late summer to early autumn is the best time to control rabbits, as food is scarce and numbers are generally lower compared to other times of the year,” said Michelle.

“As plant seeds are a key part of their diet, oats are an ideal bait. We recommend that land managers train the rabbits first, by leaving out three non-poisoned trails of oats, before supplying a follow up of 1080 oats.”

“This is an important step, otherwise you run the risk of poor uptake and bait shy rabbits on your property.”

As with any pest control program, a coordinated approach working with neighbours will be most effective.

“Forming a baiting group to cover larger areas is essential for successful pest management,” said Michelle.

“An integrated pest management plan is essential for successful control. This includes warren ripping and fumigating following 1080 baiting.”

The NRM Act states that it is the responsibility of the landholder to control pest plants and animals on their property. The South East NRM Board can also recover the cost of controlling roadside pest plants and pest animals from adjoining landholders.

For more information, advice, or to hire a bait layer, contact your local Natural Resources Management Officer, or contact the Natural Resources Centre in Mount Gambier 87351177 or in Keith 87551620.

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