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Burr-fect weather brings out summer weeds

News release
01 February 2019

While uncomfortable for some, hot weather is ideal for summer active weeds such as Bathurst burr, innocent weed and caltrop.

Recent high temperatures across the region have promoted the rapid growth of these weeds, and Natural Resources South East is urging landholders to treat infestations early.

Natural Resources Management Officer Sid Frankling said the main focus is to prevent spread and control known infestations.

“These plants are able to push out burrs containing viable seeds within a few short weeks,” Sid said.

“Weed hygiene practice is essential, as burrs will readily attach to animals, vehicle tyres, shoes, and clothing, spreading seed across properties.”

Regular checks of known weed sites over the summer period can ensure successions of germinations are caught early.

“Treatment can require removal or spraying the same patch of weeds multiple times,” Sid said.

“Treating the plants while young saves time and effort in the long term. It is also essential to spray before seed sets so you continue to reduce the seed bank.”

“The free PIRSA weed control handbook and app are some handy tools that can help with identifying weeds, and your local NRM Officers are happy to help with more information and advice specific to your property.”

Declared weeds under the Natural Resources Management Act must be controlled on private property and roadsides. The South East NRM Board can recover the cost of controlling weeds from adjoining landholders, however encourages landholders to take action in the first instance.

For contact details of your nearest NRM Officer see the link below or call 87351177.

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